SEO Text Size, Best Optimal Lenght of a Text!

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The Size of a text can make a SEO difference!

There is no exact text size required for SEO practice but let’s keep in mind that you need words to blend your keywords into quality relevant text.

Seo text size

Every site is different. Some pages, for example, can get away with 50 words because of a good link profile and the domain it is hosted on. For me the important thing is to make a page relevant to a user’s search query.


The best optimal lenght would be not less than 100 words and if possible not more than 1000 words. The more text you add to the page, as long as it is unique, keyword rich and relevant, the more that page will be rewarded with more visitors from Google.

For best SEO practice, start with most relevant information at the beginning, then description of the page in the body and extra information at the bottom. Add your keywords once in each part, top, body and bottom.

Some WebPages with only 50 words can rank well using inbound links, when other pages with more than 1500 words can also do well in ranking using the right SEO strategy.

Keep your SEO text size and content more of unique quality than useless quantity.



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