Step by Step SEO Guide to Optimize a Website!

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"Quick & Easy Seo Guide"

This SEO guide is designed to describe all sides of Search Engine Optimization, from understanding the terms, phrases and words (keywords) that generate traffic, to make your website search engine friendly and build the links to market its value through internet.

Simply follow the steps of this SEO guide.

*FAQ and problems during the SEO Guide tutorial. Contact us or join the forum, we will do our best assisting you optimizing your website.


Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your website.

Step 01 - What is SEO and Why my site needs SEO?

Step 02 - Create a SEO domain name and URL

Step 03 - Find the right keywords for your niche market

Step 04 - Implement your choosen keywords the right way

Step 05 - Write SEO content, quality and Unique is key

Step 06 - Use the best optimal text size for your content

Step 07 - Add a Title meta tag correctly is most important

Step 08 - Use Description tag to boost Click Through Rate

Step 09 - Implement HTML Robot Tags, (no)Follow, (no)Index

Step 10 - Define smartly your Headings for SEO, h1 h2 h3

Step 11 -


This step by step guide for seo will help you optimize your website, boost traffic to finally monetize it.
For the beginners, make sure to follow all the steps in this SEO Guide to achieve a proper SEO website ready for business!



STEP 1 ->  Quick Introduction to Search Engine Optimization



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