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It is wise to keep your domain name short and easy to remember. For a good SEO practice you better compose your domain name with your primary keyword. Try then to find a seo & user friendly domain name that contains your targeted keywords.

Seo domain with a bit of brain!

The domain name itself is a SEO plus for website ranking order. Having a relevant keyword in a domain name seems relatively important since it will be the text that other visitors will use as anchor text when linking to you. And keywords placed in anchor text affect ranking factor, so, having these keywords in your domain name will have a positive impact on ranking.

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SEO Domain Name

1. Lenght of a SEO Domain

The length of a Domain name for SEO practice is not of importance but better to keep it short and easy for people to remember, try your best to insert your primary keywords in it.

2. Special Character Hyphens

For an easy readability a domain name composed of 2, 3 or 4 words should be separated with hyphens (-). Try not to use the underscore (_) or the point (.). Using too much hyphens in a website domain can be interpreted as a spam, so it is advisable to choose a domain names with 3 words maximum.

3. Top Level Domain Extension (TLD)

For best SEO practice it is strongly advised to buy the .com version, if available. The only reason to purchase extra low quality TLD (as .biz, .info, .name, etc.) of the same domain name you choosed as a .com is to avoid competition from someone else using your name under a different extension.

4. Purchase an Old or Active domain

Purchasing an old or active domain to take advantage of redirecting their links to youe new site is not as effective as it was in the past,  it seems now that Google devalues links from an expired sites or when the ownership of a website changes hand.

Search here availability of your desired seo domain name and get the one you want.



STEP 3 -> Find the Right Keywords and Long Tail Keywords



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