SEO Content Writing, Quality & Unique is KEY!

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"SEO Content rules search engines!"

Quality prime content, added with other process we reviewed in this section, is a common SEO knowledge and unique prime content still and will always rule SEO practice".

A website should contain as much useful and unique content as possible. Adding things here and there will not make it work. The best thing you can do to optimize a site is to provide high quality content that people actually want to read.

Write seo content the right way...


Here are some basic guidelines to develop quality content oriented for SEO.

Every page should have not less than 100 words divided at least in two paragraphs of relevant content. There are some exceptions here because some pages simply don't require any text, but you should try to work in as much high quality, relevant textual content as possible.

Include your targeted search keywords and phrases in the content, but don't "stuff" keywords by repeating them more times than is reasonable.

Don't rely exclusively on bulleted lists. Bulleted lists are fine and won't hurt your positioning, but they should be augmented by rich prose, since larger bodies of text will net you the most gains in terms of SEO Content.


Your home page is the holy grail of content for your site. Every single website only gets one home page, so the content there is weighed very heavily by search engines. Make sure your home page content is of a decent length (at least 2 paragraphs), contains your primary keywords and phrases and is well written and relevant.

Include as much content on as many different pages as you can. Remember, though: high quality and relevant. Don't create pages for the sake of having more pages - think about information that will be relevant to your potential customers and provide it through your website content. You will be surprised by some of the keywords and phrases that drive people to your site, but this is the way to drive, sometimes unexpected, traffic to your website.


Write Quality unique content with a fresh style and unique choice of keywords. Keywords that you place at the right place in your  text. Add a clear title with your keywords, use your headings h1, h2 properly and make sure to complete the meta tags accordingly. With these simple tweaks you will already obtain wonderful SEO content ranking results.



STEP 6 -> Content Text Size for best SEO practice!



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