Keywords for SEO, Where & How Many to Use?

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"Keywords for SEO must be used at the right places".

SEO Keywords are the most important thing to a search process. The entire search engines logic is based on keywords indexing and retrieval. Search engines crawl and index the contents of pages around the web tracking those pages keywords for SEO.

How Keywords for SEO Works?

Search engines look into webpages to extract the words entered in search box by potential visitors. they use order of the words like "keyword for SEO" and "SEO for Keyword", punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Those keywords help retrieve the right pages and rank them accordingly. The more specific your keywords are the better your chances of ranking and of course with less competition.

Instead of storing billions web pages all in one database, the search engines have millions of smaller databases, each of them centered on a particular keyword term or phrase. This makes it much faster for the engines to retrieve the data they need.

In short, if you want your page to have a chance of ranking in the search results for "chocolate" it's wise to make sure the word "chocolate" is part of the indexable content of your document.

Keywords and SEO through Time

At the beginning of search engine, webmasters used keywords in a misguided way to manipulate the engines. They were stuffing keywords into text, title, Meta tags, URL and links. Today this stuffing tactic will do more harm than good to your website since search engines are using more advanced algorithm to make sure to bring the most relevant results to visitors query.

Basic Use of SEO Keywords

Don’t fill every page up with every keyword you’re targeting; this simply dilutes your site’s relevance and reduces readability for users. The search engines might see your site as spam, and visitors to your site will find it hard to read.

The best way to guaranty a good ranking is to use keywords naturally and strategically in your website and pages. For example, if your webpage targets the keyword phrase "Holiday in Atlantic City" then you might naturally include content about Atlantic City itself, the history of the city, or even recommended place to go. On the other hand, if you simply sprinkle the words "Atlantic City" onto a page with irrelevant content, such as a page about "gardening tips", then your efforts to rank for "Atlantic City" will be a long, uphill battle.

Proper Way to use Keywords for SEO

Let’s review the practice to make webpage optimized for search engines using the right amount of keywords at the right place.


- Keyword once in the title tag as close to the beginning of the title tag as possible. See our next tutorial on title tag for SEO.

- Include your keyword phrase in your headings, especially H1 and H2. You can insert extra headings just for the purpose of SEO. Generally this will also help the readability of the site because it will help customers scan read.

- Add keywords 3 to 4 times, including variations of keywords in the body of the page, at the beginning, in the middle and at the bottom of the page.  You can add few more if there's a lot of text content.  As per SEO practice it is highly advisable to make sure you use your keywords first at the start of each page.

- Add keyword at least one time in the URL of your webpage. See our previous tutorial on URL for SEO.

- Add your keyword once in the meta description tag. The meta description tag is not used by the engines for rankings, but can help attract visitors from the results page since it is the snippet of text users will see in the SERP (search engine result page).

- Add your keyword once in the alt attribute of an image on the page. This helps with SEO ranking and image search, which can sometime bring good traffic to a website.

Target one keyword or long trails keywords per webpage. If you target more than one keyword per page your keywords will be competing against each other, diluting each other’s impact. If you need to target more than one keyword for SEO, simply create a page for each.



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