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SEO Heading h1, h2, h3

Heading Tags H1, H2, H3 are to be used properly to increase SEO ranking. Heading tag H1 being the most important and H6 least important.

There are a total of six heading tags in HTML, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. The H1 heading tag, for best seo practice, is where you will use your main keyword or keyword phrase. The H1 is a heading tag in HTML and is the most important heading tag for SEO.

Heading h1

In one HTML document (webpage) there should only be one h1 heading tag. It sould appear on the top of the page and written with the my main keywords or keyword phrases in it. There is no issues using CSS to control the appearance of the heading tags to make them larger or smaller.

Heading h2

The H2 heading tag is the second most important, it can be used to break down the main content text on your page into sub headings title. The h2 tag is to be used few times as your content needs but not to overused.

Heading h3

Consider using H3 heading tags for highliting your primary keywords and useful links to other relevant sources. H3 tag is placed in the third position for relevancy by search engines.

Heading h4, h5, h6

The h4, h5, h6 heading tags can be used to boost your choosen keywords. This will inform the search engines that these headed phrases are more relevant. Take advantage to promote smartly your keywords with these headings.

More about H1 Heading Tag for SEO

How Many Words for H1

You can use as many words as you think is sensible as short and snappy as possible usually.

Page Title and H1 Heading

Your h1 tags should not be the exact same as your page titles, although there should be no problem doing so. But using different combinaison of words relevant to your main Keyword is advisable.

Just for Info, Google might as well use your h1 heading tag as Page title if there is a probleme dispalying the original page title.

As always be sure to make your heading tags highly relevant to the content of your page. Don't abuse of these headings tags and keep a readale h1, h2, h3 heading structure for SEO but most important for visitors browsing your website.



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