Add Alt Tags on Images for SEO Readability!

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"Image Alt Tags are a good way to increase SEO"

The Alt tag attribute will help to take your website to the top ranking of search results pages if used properly without using black hat seo tricks.

Search engine robots can identify images but have a hard time to understand what the image is about (though search engines are improving quite a lot to read images properly and without alt tags).

What is Alt Tag used for?

Image Alt tag attribute should be used to describe images, for example if you have an image of a "blue parrot" you should use the alt tag that best describes it, which is alt=”blue parrot.”

Adding one alt tag will help people with screen readers to enjoy your page.  You can also add the “alt” attribute with “title” and other attributes if they provide value to your visitors.

Add Alt Tag on Images for SEO

By using the image alt tag on images you are now telling the search engine robot that the image is about something specific. Your website will then rank better for the selected keyword. Also when a visitor uses Googles images category search and types your keywords, your image could be displayed in search results. If the visitor click on the image displayed it will bring some extra traffic to your website.

Extra tip on Alt tag and images name for SEO

Using image alt tag is definitely a plus, you can also push the seo by naming the image file correctly, instead of “picture-1" better use “Your Keyword-1”, this also is another great SEO tip. Simply name your image file with your main keyword, if you have more than one image then use your second best keyword or a variant of your main keywords, etc.

Conclusion, implement the alt tag attribute properly to each image of your website using you main page keyword in it.

These few tips mixed with the other methods we review in this SEO Guide and your website will start ranking. Check our blog for more SEO tips!



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