Website Ideas and Types of Websites to Start!

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"The Idea as starting point..."

Before building your website it is advisable to sit down and brainstorm about your website ideas, the kinds of Websites to start and for who you building it.

A good preparation is key to a successful and competitive website.

Let's get your ideas flow...


The Idea, Theme and Concept

Your iWebsite-Ideas-Concept-left-JPG 91x130dea will define the type of website you will build. It should inspire your theme and reflect what your website is about.

If you have no Ideas, you will need to brainstorm through visiting websites, selling platforms best sales and blogs to find a GOOD idea and concept to develop. A good place to find ideas would be amazon, eBay best sales, etc...

Some niche ideas like crafting, gardening, cooking are quite in demand and attract lots of visitors.

Here below a small list of the most commun ideas generating good traffic.

Gossips - Showbiz

Humour - Jokes

Health - Parenting

Movies - Games - Series

News blog

But huge traffic ideas are also quite competitive and one should be carefull to aim the right concept to not be lost in the forgotten pit. A good strategy might be to choose a particular topic in one of these categories and focus on it, at least to start then you can always expand to larger pannel of topics.

Website Ideas for SEO...What NOT to do!

- Create a Website about yourself ;)

- Choose an idea you have no interest in.

- Thinking of building the next Facebook without IT knowledge.

- Choose an idea that nobody and I mean... nobody cares about!

Relevant Website Name

With your ideas and researches find and register a relevant Domain name. It would be good to have a name reflecting the main topic of your website. Finding a good name for a website can be sometimes annoying since lots of names are already taken. You will need proper brainstorming to find the name of your future website.

Define the Objectives

Define your personal goals and the ones of your website business plan. This is your goal to achieve and it is important to stick to it until your website is launched. Choose your Web Host accordingly.

Learn about Visitors Behaviour

Understand what your visitors are looking for and find the right way to deliver to them. Just think of some websites that you like to visit often and what makes you keep going back? Is it relevant, accurate, well written, appealing to the eyes and up-to-date...?

Learn from these sites to create your own. Knowing more about your potential visitors can be a great advantage in your overall marketing strategy.

Researches on Related Ideas

Browse the net and go through other website speaking of the same type of idea and get inspired by the best of it to write your own articles. Have a view on what others write and how they deliver to their visitors. Then find your own writing style and develop your own creative and unique content.

Understand your Competition

It is quite important to understand your competition. Go through a comprehensive Internet marketing analysis of your direct competition then enlarge the circle to know more about related ideas in your competition area. Learn more about their keywords looking at their page source and get inspired to find your own combinason of keywords therefore ideas for articles.

Efficient Keywords Selection

Build a list of efficient Keywords related to your idea, in order to drive traffic to your website and possibly earn from it. Google Keyword Search Tool will definitely help you finding good keywords. From it select the best of them and make sure to implement them often in your text without saturating your content and reducing the quality of it.


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Types of Websites as per your Website Idea

Once the researches done and now that you have all kind of good ideas for websites, you will know which of the types of websites you want to build. Like an e-commerce, community group, blog or affiliate website. Choose your content managment system for the kind of website you want to start.


Hopefully you have now many good website ideas but if you want to start affiliate marketing with your website make sure to select website ideas that have good ad value and traffic.

Your idea safe in your head you can now start the next tutorial.


STEP 2 ->  Get and Register a Relevant Domain Name



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