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"Website Content Rules..."

Defining quality content writing is a subjective mind game, like defining what is a good book or a good movie and it is most likely open to discussion. Visitors can have a different view on what is writing a website good content.

But all in one, there is a similarity for all website contents to be considered as “quality content”.

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Once you have register your domain to a good registrar, hosted safely your website to a reliable Web Host and learned the basics of building a template, its time to think of your content.

Quality Website Content for SEO

Learn to master the art of writing with time and practice, reading is a good way to improve.

Put yourself in your visitor's shoes, make your website user friendly and encourage your visitors to come back.

Useful and Informative Content

Entertaining, Educative, News, Media, Services, Community,..., your content must be useful for your readers.

Unique and Creative Content

Create your unique way and personal writing style to expose your concept to your visitors. Be creative in your writing, using specific quotes relevant to your topic can be a smart way.

Evergreen and Updated Content

Meaning that the information will not be outdated two months from now, timely relevant and not far behind outdated as visitors tend to look for current information.

Accurate, Relevant and Well Written Content

Your content should be accurate as per your website topic, make sure you write things you have checked before.

Your Content should always be relevant to your topics as there is nothing more displeasing than to start reading and finding out that your content is not at all the topic you claimed speaking about.

Avoid spelling mistakes and use proper grammar, don’t use too much slang language or self invented words.

If your credibility is damaged you might lose your reputation and your readers. Choose your style of writing and keep it all the way.

Be consistent to your readers.

KISS!, Keep it simple and short, deliver your text in short bursts to ease visitors reading.



1. Consider Proper writing

Most of your content should be carefully written with a beginning, middle, and end. Break your content up into short paragraphs rather than long ones. Start with an opening paragraph to introduce the topic, middle paragraphs to give information and ending paragraph that draw a conclusion.

2. Try an Unusual Niche

There are millions of websites and blogs. Try to write about what you know. Knitting, crafting, cooking or gardening are attracting quite a lot of attention. SEO content wise the competition will be less and easier for you to climb the Google ranks.

3. Interact with your Readers

It is advisable to acknowledge their presence and their contribution to your website. You can use stats to see which posts are read most by your visitors then write more about these particular topics. If someone leaves you a comment, reply to it. Your readers will appreciate it.

4. Scannable Keywords Content

Visitors don't always read your content in full; sometimes they scan the page, looking for stand-out words and phrases. Make these Keywords appear to your public by using headings, bold, underline, italic, etc...

5. Keep it short & Concise

Your text should not be too short or too long; a page should be between minimum 100 words and maximum 1200 words. If your article require more words then better to split it in different pages, each page being a chapter focusing on one part of your entire topic.

Don’t go around your main subject, keep focus and go straight to the point.

Quality content for SEO is the main priority to achieve a successful website.

Ready now to put together all the pieces of your website with a free software called, "Content Management System" (CMS).



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