Speed Up Website Loading Time to Improve SEO

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 “Speeding up website loading time will help ranking"

If a website takes too long to load, visitors tend to go away and try another website. There is so many to choose from and competition is tight, so let’s works on speeding up and cleaning your website loading time to encourage visitors to stay and visits your website again.

Improving the speed and performance of your website will also give your website an advantage to rank higher when visitors look for information in search engines (SEO).

Website loading time for SEO

If the objective is to improve your SEO ranking, you should work on building links instead of focusing too much on loading time speed; unless your site is way too slow, more than 8 seconds to load fully.

Web Hosting and Website Speed

Accordingly, it is also wise to choose your website hosting plan carefully! Some useless web host could slow done your website.

Website Loading Time - Rank (ADSL)

0 to 1 seconds – Top Speed (excellent!)
1 to 2 seconds – Great
2 to 4 seconds – Good
4 to 6 seconds – Average
6 to 8 seconds – Fair
8 to 10 seconds – Slow
10 to + seconds – Very Slow

"Speed Check" your Website full detailed loading time with www.webpagetest.org.


To decrease your loading time, here below are few basics tips to follow.


It might sound dumb but it is always good to keep a clean install and database. Delete and trash all unnecessary files, widgets, frames, images but also unnecessary modules and plugins. Some of them might even be running on your website without being noticed therefore reducing the loading speed of your webpages.


A simple thing to speed up your website is to resize all images to the correct and final size before you upload them on your website, don't upload a large image and then use the image height and width from the editor or tags to adjust the image size, the image size will still remain heavy.

You can use our image resizer tool to set your image to the correct size and then using our image optimizer to make it as light as possible and therefore increasing loading speed of your pages containing pictures.

You can also use Photoshop, by simply clicking “save for web” instead of “save” or Fireworks using the format options while saving.

By optimizing an images you are essentially formatting the images in a more efficient way so that you get a smaller file size.

Try as well not to add too many images on one page.


Gzip efficietly compress the size of the page. Many sites using Gzip are able to reduce the file size by 80%, which you can image speed up website loading time quite a lot. You can check if your sites or another site is using Gzip and how much the page has been compressed by using Gidnetwork Gzip test.


Your pages will load faster if there are less HTTP requests. This means reducing the number of items that need to be loaded, such as scripts, style sheets, social bookmarks, plug in, module, images, etc... Try to keep it simple as possible but pleasant for your visitors.


You better split up long pages into multiple pages to make the page show faster and it also helps SEO as you will have more pages with title, description and keyword tags.

Take the time you need to design your site and try put yourself in your visitor’s shoes.


While writing your codes try to use CSS to control your fonts, text size, text colors etc, better to avoid formatting text directly in your website editing tool, like adding (<font> </font> etc). By removing these tags, your pages will load faster and be validated a lot cleaner.

While using Artisteer, the best pre-build template generator you can find, make sure you implement all fonts, headings, colors and sizes for all your website. Artisteer create and compile the CSS codes for you and deliver a ready made template to use.


Remove empty spaces between your code; deleting the unneeded tabs and spaces can also help. It will reduce your page size and speed up website loading time.

If you want to do further research on improving your website loading speed, visit our section Tips and Tools for Performance.



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