SEO Website Building - Step by Step Tutorial

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Our step by step tutorial for beginners will help you build a successful SEO website and have it running in no time.

What kind of site do I need?

I want to optimize my website!

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*FAQ and problems during the tutorial. Contact us or join the forum, we will do our best assisting you building your own website


Start building a Website Step by step

STEP   1 - Start with your Idea and Objectives

Choose a niche market & the kind of website you need

STEP   2 - Register a Relevant Domain Name

Register a relevant domain name for long time SEO

STEP   3 - Choose a Good and Reliable Web Host

Get a competitive web hosting plan for your domain

STEP   4 - Design a Simple Layout Structure

Learn easily the basics and build your own layout

STEP   5 - Create in Few Clicks a Template

Get efficient tools to create an amazing template

STEP   6 - Write Quality and Unique Content

Top quality content rule users and search engines

STEP   7 - Choose a CMS, Wordpress vs Joomla

Choose the right CMS to build, a blog or a website

STEP   8 - Improve your Site Loading Speed

A fast website is good for visitors satisfaction & SEO

STEP   9 - Search Engine Optimize your Site

SEO basics guidelines to optimize your website

STEP 10 - Build Backlinks and Increase Traffic

Traffic is a key factor to make your site profitable


This step by step website building tutorial will help you build a functional website for SEO purpose, to finally monetize it.
For the beginners, make sure to follow all the steps in this website building tutorial to achieve a proper SEO website ready to receive traffic, meaning business!


* START TUTORIAL - SEO Website Building

STEP 1 ->  Start your Website by defining Idea and Objectives

This step by step free tutorial includes tips, tools, links and more...



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