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"SEO Techniques the basics..."

Search Engine Optimization is about modifying small parts of your website to rank higher in results when potential visitors look for a topic in a search engine (Google, Bing,...)

These "SEO Techniques" might seem like small improvements, but when added together with other optimizations, it will impact greatly your site's user experience and performance in organic search results.

To learn how to do SEO here are few points to start.

Best SEO Techniques

The best technique is to optimize for search engine ranking and to make what's best for your visitors. Let' not forget they are the main readers of your content and are using these search engines to find your website topics. They are the ultimate consumers of your website and one should not neglect their pleasure to read your content by tweaking too much for SEO.

In short, for right seo techniques you will need to develop a Quality websites with unique, useful content and good reference links pointing back to it. You need these three technical points to achieve SEO ranking.

Note that creating quality backlinks to your website is one of the best SEO technique and if your wish is to have your website to rank in google search results page you will need to technically create as more quality back-links as you can.

This is now how to do SEO!

How to do SEO - Basic SEO Techniques

- Use Keywords and long trail Keywords

- Use Headings H1, H2, H3 properly

- Make your website URL friendly

- Choose a domain name for SEO

- Use Meta tags title and description

- Implement your Keywords correctly

- Unique and prime content is king

- Speed up website loading time

- Build quality Backlinks... lots of them

All these techniques are well detailed in our full SEO Guide Step by Step.

What to Avoid For SEO Website

- Don’t copy content from other sites.
- Don’t build a full site in Flash.
- Website Frames are definitely to avoid.
- Don’t try to hide text in your content.

How to do SEO?

If you want to top rank in Google, you will need a clean code website, quality content with external and internal links. Search engines use this method (algorithm) to determine whether you rank Nr1 or Nr99 in search results. Successful SEO techniques to show search engines that your page is the most relevant to any given search query.

Our full tutorial on Search Engine Optimization will guide you through all the essential guidelines to achieve efficient SEO techniques for your website. Follow each tutorial with our detailed SEO guide and your site should strongly improve ranking therefore traffic and business.



STEP 10 ->  Strategize to Build Targeted and Steady Traffic



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