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A Domain SEO Relevant, is a  plus...".

It is wise to think when registering a domain name, it is your website identity, the first impression for potential customers concerning your website.

And most Visitors usually choose websites that are URLs relevant to their search query.

Lets examine how to choose the right domain seo name and which registrar to use.


What is a Domain SEO Relevant ?

 – A name relevant to your site content.
 – A name easy for people to remember.
 – A name short and descriptive.
 – A name with proper extension (.com)
 – A name with its main keyword in it

SEO Domain Name Separator

For a good readability, a domain name that is longer than 3 words should be separated only with hyphens (-). Better avoid underscore (_) or point (.).

Register your Domain for SEO to a Reliable Registrar

The world’s number one reliable domain registrar is
The best extension recognized worldwide is .com

The domain name you choose will have an important role for search engines (Google, Bing...) to rank you higher in the visitor’s researches.

Search Availability of your Domain Name

Type your desired domain name into the GoDaddy search box here below and see if it is available. We are looking for extensions that end in .com, .net or .org, as these are the most common extensions that people will be able to relate to.


If possible better avoid domain names longer than 15 characters. Short domain names are easier to remember, easier to share and have less of a chance of resulting in typos.

Write your relevant Domain Name, Click GO, if the domain name you want is available, click then the add button directly below and continue the registration.

Domain SEO Competition

You can as well purchase extra domain extensions to protect your website from competition. Usually it is good to buy .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, so if you want to purchase the extra ones, just click on the ones you want to add.

Registration Process of your Domain Name

There will be several payment options to choose with how long you desire to have the domain name purchased for. It is advisable to take a 12 months registration.

You’ll be presented with offers to choose between several privacy protection services and web hosting services. You can then choose the package that suits best your needs or decline all of them.

GoDaddy is a reliable and strong domain registrar that offer as well web hosting services so if you feel to choose web hosting through GoDaddy, good for you, however, it would be best for you to use another company for the hosting part of your website.

The number one in web hosting services, currently in 2013, is called Hostgator, that we will describe in the next tutorial article.

Once you have purchased the domain name, you’ll be emailed a receipt with all relevant informations. Better save it as you might need it later on.

The new seo domain name your purchased will normally be available to use within a day, sometimes after few hours.


You are now the proud and sole owner of an entire Domain SEO relevant to your content.



STEP 3 ->  Online Storage, Choose a Competitive Web Host!



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