Joomla vs Wordpress, Best CMS for the Job!

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"Joomla vs Wordpress"

A CMS is a Content Management System that helps you create a website, manages it, also gives you the freedom to maintain and update it as per your need whenever you decide to. Both are open public license and totally free to use.

After reading this "Joomla vs Wordpress" article you will be able to chose the one more adapted to you and your future website needs.

Wordpress or Joomla, depends what for!


Definition and comparison


Started in 2003, first known as B2; WordPress was designed as a publishing platform that has developed gradually into a CMS. It is an ideal platform for bloggers and it is from far the easiest to install and use.

WordPress is a free platform, open free GNU license, that allows anyone to create blogs using prebuilt Templates, themes and tools totally for free. You can customize it, without much programming skills.

WordPress produces articles as posts in a blog or a page on the website, being quite intuitive for new users to get used to. Plug-ins and widgets are simply handled by a drag and drop system within preset locations.

Like Joomla, there is lots of Wordpress free extensions and commercial support that can gear you up with lots of tools to manage and boost your website and traffic. The Community is centralized on the main Wordpress website, making it easier to locate plug-ins and help support.

WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms to create blogs and simple website, used and recommended by many bloggers worldwide.

To know more about Wordpress download, installation and learn using it visit our section Tools and Tips Wordpress.


Joomla! is the new comers to the CMS battle, first released in 2005 from the earlier Mambo. Joomla was created over the years as an excellent CMS recognized worldwide as one of the best CMS to create, develop and maintain a website by Designers and Developers.

Joomla is a free platform, open free GNU license, that allows anyone to create websites using prebuilt themes, templates and tools for free.

Joomla is one of the best of its kind, allowing creation, management, and maintenance of your website with little knowledge needed. It offers lots of features from adding and updating datta to more elaborate components.

Its features made it quite popular, with numerous possibilities to interact with. Joomla offers as well an elaborate multiple user system, with user registration and layered privileges. Joomla is the best CMS solution for multiple user groups, community group, e-commerce, forums and websites requiring a more professional touch.

Supported by a strong community to help the users, there are plenty of Joomla free extensions available to customize your website.

Joomla provide an excellent support for SEO-friendly URLs, which should make Joomla websites easier for search engines to index.

Joomla sites might require some litle coding knowledge to get the site to look and feel the way you really want. To make it easier, saving you lots of time and possibly coding, we advise you to try the Demo then buy the template generator software "Artisteer". This software is totally amazing and so simple to use!

Or get yourself a ready made exclusive template from reliable and professional designers, you can try "Rocket Templates". They deliver high quality templates and customized one to your exact needs.

Joomla's installation is slightly more complicated and has more steps but it give us a more comprehensive understanding of what is really happening.

To know more about Joomla download, installation and learn using it visit our section Tips and Tools Joomla!.


Which CMS is best for you, Joomla or Wordpress?

This is now up to you to choose as per your desired website final product.

Wordpress easier to install, configure and use is clearly more oriented for blogger and simple website.

Joomla! is a little bit more complicated to install, configure and use but deliver a more elaborate website, has a greater community with numerous extensions and is more appropriate to use to create professional website, community group and e-commerce.

Both CMS have very active and professional communities; WordPress has more than 16.000 plug-ins available and Joomla more than 9000 extensions available. Of course not all are good or even useful for your website but you will most of the time find everything you looking for.


Joomla vs Wordpress, both platforms are excellent for managing a website.

WordPress might be the best option for small to medium business and most of all blog users. This is a very good starter CMS that can scale quite well into a more complex site. Wordpress download, installation and basic tutorials.

Joomla is a fantastic option for a website that requires a more professional touch. For sites that are a bit more complex and are going to be managed by someone with stronger technical skills. Joomla download, installation and basic tutorials.

This end our Joomla vs Wordpress battle, choose the best cms for your needs and start learning using them starting with their tutorials.

- Learn Using Worpdress for Beginners - Free Tutorial (

- Learn Using Joomla for Beginners - Free Tutorial (



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