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"Simple & Attractive CMS Templates"

It is important to have a nice designed template for your Website. The layout of your cms template should be simple, inviting, creative and inspire your visitors to surf deeper in your content.

Choose and adjust the right colors, the font, the style and the positions of each item of your template.

All is related to the template design so let's understand the different points that make a Template "Attractive".

CMS Templates Page Size

The page size width should be around 960px and 1080px, enough to create your content and add your pictures, being also the perfect size for mobile and Ipad readable content.

Bigger the size, bigger the content will be to fill it, so bigger will be the loading time of this same page. It's up to you, some different size might be more suitable for the kind of website you want to build but I would recommend using these kind of template sizes for best browsing results.

Amazing CMS Templates in Few Clicks!

With Artisteer Template Creator you can do just that, hands done, the best tool to use to create your own template without any knowledge in computer programming, coding etc... It's a Web developer in your mouse, saving you a lot of time and hassle and produce amazing templates.

You can download and test the free demo and be your own judge.


We HIGHLY recommend you to try the FREE Demo and then purchase it if you are fully convinced, and I am quite certain you will be.

If you want more templates you can visit this site RocketTheme and have a full executive template for any website you want to create, they are simply the best in the market of templates.

You can as well with RocketTheme make a personal premium template completely adapted to your needs.


The Colors should go together

Try to use 3 to 4 colors maximum so you don’t confuse your visitors with a rainbow splash of colors. This will make the site more readable for anyone visiting it. Using colors related to your logo is also advisable, keeping the all concept more remind-able by users.

You can use our Flash Color Generator Tool to choose the right colors for your site. Just copy the Hex code of your color choice and paste it in the program you are using to edit your template.

The Color Effects should be related to your topic and be sure they have a quick load time. Don't put too much graphics, filters, gradient, texture etc... But add just enough to bring some creativity and life to your template.

The Navigation Menu

Key pieces of your template; make sure you adapt it to your content size. If lots of content better go for a Drop down Menu but if little content then better go for a direct links Menu. When passing over your mouse on a link in your menu it should appear in different color as well when you clicked on a link it should be colored in different colors so people know where they are at all time in your website.

Check our Website Menu and be inspired to create your own, so people can easily navigate into your website.

The Side Columns

Perfect area to add Menus, banners, Log in modules etc... So strongly consider adding at least one column on the left or right of your website.

The Main Body

This is where you will write all your contents, don't create your body too large as it is tiresome for people to read from left to right.

The Header

Being the first thing people see, make it appealing to the eyes and create a nice first impression! Create a nice logo and an attractive header so people can now remember your website as an established brand and come back much more easily.

The Footer

A good thing to use as you can show more info and make it appear on every page of your website. Keep it simple and discreet, at the bottom of your website. You can add there some important links of your website, "Sitemap", "Contact", "Public Privacy", "Disclaimer" and "Copyright".

The Background

Better to keep it simple without overcharging it, a simple color gradient can render nicely. Visitors are coming to read your content, so find this harmony needed for your visitors to read at peace when passing by on your website.

The Fonts

Better to use universal fonts who can be readable on every computer, Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica etc... It is advisable to choose a font large enough for people to read your text easily.

Again we recommend you to use Artisteer Template Generator,  to create a really amazing template in few clicks and with no design knowledge needed. The Demo is totally free for you to try. Artisteer is, hands done, the best template generator currently on the 2013 market.

Or as we explained earlier, you can also buy an excellent ready made CMS templates from RocketTheme currently one of the best designers for Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal template.


Or purchase a premium one customized to your exact need. Preview here at, RocketTheme, some of their template designs.



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