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You just landed to a friendly tutorial site that will teach you how to build a website and to optimize it for search engines (SEO).

(Only little web design experience needed)

Start here for a quick overview of how to build your seo website

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Start-Website-Step-1-DomainRelevant Domain for SEO Websites

It is your website identity, the first impression for potential customers concerning your website and business. It is wise then to think about finding a good name and a reliable registrar to register your domain. Register a Relevant Domain Name to a Registar


Start-Website-Step-2 102X110Choose a Reliable Web Host

Web-hosting is defined as a service offer to customers to store their Domain and datta. In this case a website or blog and all its documentation, image, content, files, etc... Maximizing your chance of ranking choosing a reliable Web Host is a SEO must to consider. Most Important things to get from your Web Host.


Start-Website-Step-3 102X110Build your SEO Website

First decide the kind of Website to build. A Professional website or Personal site, an E-Commerce, a Community website or a Blog?. Understand well your niche market and select the right keywords. Build then your own website following our friendly and easy Tutorial. Start with your website ideas and objectives.


Start-Website-Step-4 102X110Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some Websites rank to the top of search engines results page due to a powerful web marketing technique called SEO. Optimized  website will have a serious advantage on other website to channel traffic, therefore potential business. Learn here the proper SEO techniques. How to optimize your website and build traffic.


This web building tutorial is not only about learning to build SEO websites but also to get all the tips, links and tools needed to build your own site.

And of course to tweak your website for better SEO ranking and monetize it using Google Adsense, advertisement and affiliation plans.


Get help in the Forum about building SEO Websites, visit our Blog and download our special collection of Freebies to customize your website to the best SEO Standard.

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